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Our team of sports experts work around the clock to deliver the desired outcome to our corporate clients, our commercial partners as well as talents managed by us.
Sports Marketing

Our sports marketing services include conducting extensive market research, identifying and targeting opportunities as well as assist in setting up infrastructure and training of current or new staff for service delivery.

Financial Services

We help clubs as well as athletes maintain transparent view of their finances by providing audit, review and reporting services, and outlining detailed pathways as to how to secure and strengthen their financial security short-term and long-term.

Talent Management

Our team helps young talented athletes plan their career, find the right path forward and place them in the right environment that propels them to have a fulfilling career. We also help them with financial planning to ensure their future is secured.

Every career has a starting point, and every player deserves a shot at reaching the maximum potential he or she can reach.-
The clubs and sports organizations who do not enjoy global status need to have a partner who can help them realize their targets and give them a competitive advantage.-
This is where we come in. We are here to bridge that gap and provide services that is highly desired and extremely influential in an otherwise almost inacessible market.-
Market Research

We help clients find out what is going on in the market they operate in, providing them with valuable, eye-opening information that will benefit them in short and long term.

Fan Engagement

Our fan engagement solutions start from simple and easy to launch projects, to complex solutions that use the latest IT technology and infrastructure to help organizations keep fans engaged.


We can help clients train their staff become more knowledgeable and confident in delivering new projects and reach new targets set by the organization from our research results.

Talent Scout

Our online platform along with our team of experts make finding top talent in locations that were previously inaccessible to teams and sports organizations, giving them a competitive edge.

Advisory Services

One of the key services we provide to our players and organizations is advisory on how to navigate their income and expenses in a given situation or negotiation.


We make ourselves available to our clients at all times, ensuring they have the benefit of expert support at every step of their path in the tough and competitive sports industry.

Our Benefits

See what we offer and how it can not only help you reach your goals as an athlete or sports organization, but rather push you further ahead of competition.
Quick Setup

Quick Setup

Our athletes can quickly get started on our online platform, instantly become visible to numerous teams.

Online Profiles

Online Profiles

Athletes can create and update their sporting profiles to ensure their talents are regularly viewed by sports teams.

Talent Match

Talent Match

Teams can easily find the right talent for their current and future needs, with minimal cost and time.



We want athletes’ career and teams’ success constantly grow together for years to come.

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Taking It to the Next Level

Our company provides a set of services that complement each other, with the ultimate aim of making a contribution to make the sports industry more transparent, while try to give competitive edge to athletes and teams that otherwise would be at a disadvantage.

We want to make sure those athletes and teams who do not have the resources or accessibility of the bigger teams can find the best way to cooperate with each other and ensure there is as much level playing field as possible.

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For Athletes

We provide a class-leading suit of consultancy services, financial transparency and control over their assets, as well as an exclusive platform that gives you all the tools you need to promote yourself,  your training progress, your match reports and your profile to teams and organizations who are looking for top talent.

For Teams

In addition to financial, audit and marketing services that help your business grow, we provide you with access to talents from areas that were previously inaccessible to you, helping you reach the targets that would otherwise be only available to top-level teams who have global networks of people and agencies in place.

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