Jan 11

State of Sports in Europe in 2024

As we step into 2024, the state of sports in Europe reflects a dynamic and ever-changing landscape. The continent, known for its rich sporting history and passionate fanbase, has seen significant shifts across various disciplines. Football, arguably Europe's most beloved sport, continues to dominate the scene. With the advent of... read more →
Oct 19

Modernizing Recruitment in Sports

Recruitment in sports has long been a traditional and often inefficient process that relies on subjective evaluations and limited data analysis. However, in the age of technology and data-driven decision-making, Masoud Tajik, a Sporting Ops Director at C4 Network Ltd, shares his insights on why modernizing the recruitment process in... read more →
Aug 13

The Challenges of Football in China

Chinese football has experienced a meteoric rise in recent years, with the Chinese Super League (CSL) becoming one of the richest leagues in the world. However, the league has also been plagued by financial problems, with many clubs spending heavily on foreign players and coaches without sustainable business models. In... read more →
Jul 25
Apr 26
Mar 06

Why Stadiums Matter in Football

In the world of European football, the significance of a well-established football stadium cannot be overstated, particularly from a financial standpoint. Beyond being the backdrop for thrilling matches, these arenas serve as a critical revenue generator and financial backbone for the clubs that call them home. In this article, we... read more →
Feb 02

January 2023 Transfer Recap

The January transfer window in European football is always a busy time, and 2023 was no exception. There were some big-money moves, as well as some surprise signings. "The January transfer window is always a challenging time for clubs," said Masoud Tajik, a sporting director at C4. "There is a... read more →
Nov 23

The Impact of Football on Local Communities

At C4, we take immense pride in our commitment to highlighting the positive impacts of various elements in our society. Today, we have the privilege of introducing one of our esteemed directors, Masoud Tajik, whose extensive experience and passion for community development have made him a leading voice in our... read more →
Oct 11
Sep 26

Are Big Football Clubs Too Big?

Over the past 20 years, six different clubs have won the Premier League, compared to 13 different World Series champions. Five teams have won the Bundesliga but there have been nine different NBA champions. Four teams have won La Liga while 12 have lifted the Stanley Cup. There have been... read more →