Oct 11
Sep 26

Are Big Football Clubs Too Big?

Over the past 20 years, six different clubs have won the Premier League, compared to 13 different World Series champions. Five teams have won the Bundesliga but there have been nine different NBA champions. Four teams have won La Liga while 12 have lifted the Stanley Cup. There have been... read more →
Sep 14

Atletico Madrid: The Underdog Story

Every season of the last decade, Atletico managed to compete with Real Madrid and Barcelona in La Liga, and clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, and Bayern in the Champions League - with much less budget than any of those competitors. But not only their performance on the pitch was extraordinary, but Atletico also... read more →
Aug 16

Manchester City and Their Global Expansion

Manchester, historically, used to be viewed as the home of Manchester United, with Manchester City being very much secondary in the minds of football fans outside England. United considered the neighbors as an lesser team, and many would argue, rightly so, considering United’s achievements. Sir Alex Ferguson cited United's rivals as Liverpool, Arsenal,... read more →
Aug 11